John Omoruyi
18 Dec

Are you on the hunt for an affordable and appealing apartment in Nigeria? Enhance your search and negotiation skills to secure the perfect deal. Before diving into negotiations, ensure you have a clear understanding of your requirements. Here are six tips to guide you in finding the right apartment:

1. Leverage Apartment Locators

Start your apartment search by exploring crucial features in your desired area. Consider utilizing apartment locators available on various websites to streamline your search. These tools can efficiently lead you to the ideal place.

2. Assess Your Needs

Prioritize your personal needs when choosing an apartment. Ensure the location aligns with your preferences, and the property offers all the features you require.

3. Consult Local Locators

Reach out to local apartment locators or refer to the phone book for assistance. Contact at least two providers, informing them about your desired features. As locators work on commission, they are motivated to help you find the perfect property.

4. Connect with the CommunityVisit the property before making a decision. Call for a quote and take note of the features. While virtual tours provide insight, visiting the property in person is essential for a comprehensive understanding.

5. Personally Visit the Apartment

Although virtual tours are informative, they should not be the sole basis for your decision. Walk through the neighborhood to better gauge the surroundings. Compare the online information with your in-person observations.

6. Evaluate Features

Review and prioritize the features you desire in an apartment. Eliminate those at the bottom of your priority list, widening your property options. Adjust your list based on the shortlisted features, making an informed decision that balances features and pricing.


Keep these tips in mind as you embark on your apartment search in Nigeria. While your budget influences your options, maintaining focus on essential aspects will lead you to a rental that aligns with your needs.

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